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Strong Expertise, Flexible Structure

XMelm Arnaud Bresson is and remains a one-person company.

Nevertheless, the size of quite some undertaken projects is simply beyond the scope of a unique person.

Thus, project by project, we build task-related teams together with either dedicated employees or other self-employed people we know and worked with for years.

This guarantees your project the best level of knowledge, both on qualitative and quantitative aspects.

Our structure can grow to the size that fits your needs, but still remains away from the inertial problems of bigger consulting firms.

arnaudArnaud Bresson
Lic. HEI, Consultant

Born in 1973 in Luxeuil-les-bains (France), Arnaud Bresson is holder of both swiss and french citizenship. He graduated in 1996 from the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, in the fields of Political Science, Economics, History and Law.

His main fields of technical competence include XML project management, standard definitions and implementation of processes, using languages like Objective-C, Perl and Java.

Benjamin Michel
DEUG SPI, Intern

Born in 1972 in Nancy (France), Benjamin Michel is holder of a french passport. He accomplished a degree in Sciences and Physics for the Industry in 1992 from the University of Jussieux, Paris. Benjamin also followed from 1994 to 1996 a mechanical engineering diploma at the Institut Technologique de Sévenans (France).

As an assignment on his duty list as intern, Benjamin wrote an application in ANSI C for the manipulation of XML data to the benefit of a customer in the printing industry.


raphaelRaphaël Marmier
Lic. HEI, Developer

Born in 1973 in Fribourg (Switzerland), Raphaël Marmier is also holder of both swiss and french citizenship. He graduated in 1999 from the same Graduate Institute of International Studies.

His technical expertise includes System Administration and Integration, Object Oriented Design and Security Management. Raphaël masters or has extensive experience in C, Objective-C, Perl and Ruby.

Dejan Munjin
Student, Java Developer

Born in 1975 in Senta (Serbia), Dejan is accomplishing the third and last year of his Undergraduate Licence degree in Information and Communication Systems, in the University of Geneva.

As part of his assigments he develops and maintains the moviewap.ch online database system of movie projections in Switzerland, for mobile phones and PDA access.


robertoRoberto Lepori
Consultant, Web Developer

Born in Ticino (Switzerland), Roberto Lepori has been adviser for various pedagogical projects in various private schools in Geneva. With a Linguistic background, he soon developed an interest in computer science as a communication-tool through the network.

He works as an Information System consultant and he his specialized in the analysis of corporate activities in order to develop their intranet or internet database and their Web-based applications.

He follows the principles of standard languages in order to provide the best functionality and the best multi-platform web-application compatibility, clarity and sobriety of the information are its priorities in realizing Internet projects, in tightened collaboration with its mandatories.

Finally, in order to decorate all, it has much talent in creating the graphic design for websites.

Mathias Schmocker
Ing. Dipl. ETHZ, Director, SMAT Engineering LLC

Born in 1962 in Geneva (Switzerland), Mathias Schmocker is a Swiss citizen. He holds a diploma in mechanical engineering from the famous Swiss Federal Polytechnic School of Zürich (ETHZ). He trained also as a military pilot during and after his time at ETHZ.

Mathias Schmocker intervenes as an external contractor on System Administration and security issues for specific customers. He furthermore, due to his extensive experience of the industry, acts as a priviledged advisor of our structure.


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